About Govt. Polytechnic College, Udhampur

Education is the most important and reliable parameter for assessing the progress of any society. Education not only opens new vistas of knowledge for mankind but it also helps us to redefine the limits of our aspirations and to reframe our values as a society.

The Government Polytechnic in district Udhampur was sanctioned under “Sub-mission Polytechnics under coordinated Skill Development Initiative.” and was started during academic session 2012-13 in temporary accommodation (Old District Hospital Building) Gole Market, Udhampur. The institute has well-equipped workshop, library, laboratories, computer center and classrooms.



To create, preserve and promulgate knowledge of engineering and thereby, contribute to the social, cultural, and economic well being of the society.

In coming years our society is going to face the challenges of increasing rate of industrial growth. Thus, to fulfil the social and industrial obligations a holistic change in our educational system has become the need of the hour. Our trainees should not only be familiar with latest technical knowhow but also be well acquainted with work culture and ethical values being practiced in modern industry. Our students need skill development as well as the transformation of attitude towards their co-workers and job assigned to them, so that they can easily adapt themselves to the atmosphere of their work-place. These values have to be incorporated in all our curriculum development plans.



  • To ensure and to facilitate well coordinated educational resources and productive learning resources
  • To create morally-ethically self-righteous individuals, who have competitive knowledge and trained technical skill-set with themselves
  • To produce technically competent manpower that will confidently face challenges given to them by current time, industrial circumstances and changing scenario of society


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